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Lunar Sea  
47” diameter , Thread
As I gaze at the leisurely drifting clouds around the full moon in the night sky, I hear the whales’ singing from the depths of my heart. Whales are said to communicate with the Sirius star, transmitting their high frequencies to the sea, healing Earth’s waters. May the water within you resonate and be healed as well.    2024

夜空に浮かぶ満月が 流れる雲の後ろで見え隠れしている 

その瞬間 夜空が広大な海と化し 

流れる雲は クジラになり 

私の心の奥からは クジラが優しい詩を奏でているのが聴こえてくる

クジラは 恒星シリウスと交信し その高い周波数を地上に降ろして 地球の海の水を浄化し癒しているという話を聞いた事があるだろうか?

私たちの体内の水も 共鳴し癒されますように



 Lunar Waves
24” x24” x 7”. Cork, Cotton Fabric, Pins
The moonlight emerges within the suiban 水盤, deputing the play of water waves as the light of the moon sways.
I hope the viewers find solace and enjoy a moment of tranquility, savoring the changing seasons and the beauty of nature. 2023






Lunar Sea & Lunar Waves

Between us   


The Art Gallery of Regina        



My Beekeers  & their Bees :  

           Stan & Tricia Reed from Reeds' Bees

           Jake Dingman from Wendell Estate Honey 

Light from Water

material - antique  kimono fabric and threads  

Funded by     SK Arts

Supported by    Emoto Peace Project


Gaia Symphony 

aterial - antique  kimono fabric 2021 

15 - 30"x 30",  4 - 20"x 40",  3 - 40"x 40"   

Funded by SK Arts

Crescent Moon II

20" x 40"     2021

Calling ~ first  solo show  at The Godfrey Dean Art Gallery  in autumn 2020

Tree Growth Rings

15" x 17"          2020

Seashells and Fossils Collection

When I was a child my mother had many different varieties of beautifully coloured seashells. Those seashells have been a treasure from my childhood that I carefully transported to my new home. I remember the magic moments when she had me hold shells to my ear so that I could hear the memory of the sea they still contained.

My hope is that people viewing this art will recall pleasant and healing memories from their own lives. These memories too are magical. The careful folds of fabric hold their own secrets, their own sources of wonder and peace..                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                ~2020~

                                                                                                  H 19.3/4” x W19.3/4”


Each of the pieces in this series will appear, will be seen, differently when it is seen in different light as that light shines upon it from “outside”. Similarly, each of us brings our own light to each thing or event we experience. Each person will see and will interpret, out of their own “light” which they bring to the viewing. That may change from one viewing to the next. These playful pieces are designed to let light’s language address each person who stops to look at the art. There is no message to discover. There is no correct interpretation to decipher, no code to break. There is just an invitation.                                                                                                                                                        ~ 2020 ~

Light's Language series

                                         ~ five pieces ~

Indigo Waves

24"     ~ 2020 ~

Moss 1. 2. 3 


~ 2020 ~

Serenity in Flight

Ascending , Questing, Sailing, Tumbling, Following

                                                                                                   H 24” x W 36”

Every spring and fall the area where I live in Saskatchewan is part of the migratory path followed by thousands of Canada geese and Snow geese. In the fall of 2018 the numbers were unusually large and for several days I was captivated by the amazing flight patterns and the ascending and descending of the geese as they settled onto the lake or headed to or from the fields where they fed on grain that had not yet been combined.

I was particularly struck by the patterns that seemed to move in and out of different dimensions and that folded one group into another from different directions. I enjoyed their flight. Sometimes it seemed so purposeful and clear in direction. Sometimes it had a random, almost comical or playful, quality. I wondered why they never bumped into one another but always maintained a sense of space and distance. Life, and our lives, often seem to move between dimensions and sometimes seem purposeful and sometimes existing in a state of random movement and sudden change.

I have sought to capture some of these movements in specific pieces of art: Ascending; Questing; Sailing; Tumbling; Following. The surprising thing is that there is a serenity to be found in each phase, each movement.                                                                                                                                                               ~ 2020 ~

Full Moon

                                                                                                                     H 51” x W 35.1/2”

Look at the night sky. You can see shining stars and the light of the full moon trying to wrap around your entire body. You can hear something whispering.

Who is there? . . .

Who is there? . . .

The full moon is calling you.

Tell your story to her.

We all have unique, individual and beautiful stories.

Story tellers are everywhere on the earth.

We are the story tellers.

We all have stories.

She is calling your heart.

Calling you…..

Calling you…..

Tell your story to her . . .             

                                                                                                                                        ~2020 ~


                                                                                                         H 47.1/2” x W 34.1/2”

As we ponder the history, the life, of the universe, the cosmic expanse, we see that our life is just a little dot, a flicker of time, in a measureless reality. In the portrayal you are looking at there is one small dark circle( 1”) inside of which are many small dots. These dots are seed stitches. Each seed holds the mystery of life, an infinity of possibilities.

Each of us has that uniqueness, that potential, and each life contains that mystery of being and becoming.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        ~2020~

The Milky Way

                                                                                                           H 51” x W 36.1/2”

Our earth is just a dot within the Milky Way, our solar system a small part of the great galaxy..... the galaxy part of ..… and I believe that something calls to us from the great vastness of space.                                                               ~ 2020 ~

                                                                                                                                  H 52” x W 36”

When we star gaze we are seeing light that has travelled ages for us to see it. We do not see an object pasted on a ceiling but we see the pathway, the trail, left by its passing, its story. If we could travel with light speed how wonderful that would be! To think that way excites me and I wonder what other trails are possible for us in our own lives and in the life of our communities and even our world.                                                                                                     ~2020~

Star Trail

Crescent Moon

                                                                                                    H 50.1/2” x W 35”

The crescent moon, at its smallest, speaks of the cycles of life – birth, growth, maturity, old age, death. The small crescent reminds us, with its soft light, of the softness, the caring and compassion, we have in our hearts. That soft light, that caring and compassion, glows as promise, as an essential and elemental part of who we are, and upon which the fullness builds. It should never be lost. Life is a cycle, not a straight line with starting point and ending. Each death involves new beginnings and each new beginning has, as part of it, some endings, some deaths. It is for each of us to see the truth of this in our own experiences and in the depths of our own being.                                                                                                                                                                           ~ 2020 ~


Even ancient peoples had a familiarity with what they thought were the daily movements of the sun – sunrise and sunset, day and night.

The phases of the moon were regular – and were used to regulate community activities such as planting and harvesting. Many societies had a sense of calendar that is amazing to us. For instance, some built monuments and buildings so that light of the rising sun at the summer solstice would shine year after year upon a specific spot such as an altar or an opening in a wall. Eclipses seemed much more erratic and were therefore seen as portents of either great good or threatening doom. They are still a wonder to behold – a mystery that may touch the very depths of our beings. Each eclipse reminds us of what we cannot control. We are a part of nature; we are not in control. The natural way to observe an eclipse seems to be “in silence”.                                                                                                                                                                           ~2020 ~                       

The Light Shines

                                                                                                  H 26.1/2” x W 62.1/2"

Light from our hearts moves outward into circle upon circle. We cannot define its destination. We have to learn to trust that the light is real, that it is worthy of shining. Whatever negative messages we may have heard as child (or as adult) the light can shine. It will claim freedom as it moves and it will bring blessing to others.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           ~2020~

Hanna Yokozawa Farquharson Textile art Artist canadian Japanese

Energy Flow

                                                                                                       H 58.1/2” x W 65.3/4”


In October 2018 the Saltcoats History and Community Museum Group hosted the National From Vimy to Juno Exhibition. I was unaware of the tall Vimy Memorial that honoured so many who gave their lives for Canada and for freedom. As I studied the pictures of the memorial and researched information about it I discovered that it was made of limestone. Limestone was formed over eons of planet earth’s history and in its formation witnessed the passage of time. The stone holds its own energy. The words of commemoration are carved into the stone on the bottom part of the monument. As the large monument rises skyward it appears lighter as though pointing to a brighter future. I would like to see our future free from fighting one another, living in harmony with each other.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                ~ 2020

 Prarie Grasslands

W 72. 1/2” x H 23.1/2” 

As a young woman I was inspired by the Japanese photographer, Michio Hoshino who spent time in Alaska photographing the forests ​and many​ aspects of the natural world. He was particularly impressed by the majestic grizzly Bear. .His interests extended to the indigenous peoples of North America, their life styles, their mythology and their stories.

in 2019  I watched David Suzuki’s ​ The Nature of Things, “Grassland: A Hidden Wilderness”. I immediately knew that I was obligated to create a piece of textile  art that would celebrate this wonder of nature and also the story of the buffalo, an endangered species, and how they were being brought home to live again on prairie grasslands.

Herds of buffalo once thundered across the prairie, their coming heard for miles. The First Nations people of the prairie depended on the buffalo. The buffalo depended upon the prairie grasses. The prairie and the buffalo lived in a symbiotic relationship. A great variety of birds and animals and plants lived also within that symbiotic relationship. The TV program explored ways in which ranchers too were part of that.

In this piece of art I aspire to capture something of the vastness and openness of the prairie. It is rich in its simplicity and it invites us into a place of serenity and wholeness, a place where everything comes together and each part depends on ‘the other’. All belongs. All parts ‘find home.’

In the art we see the expanse of sky and the vastness of the land.

We may see the image of the buffalo returned to their ancient home.

Perhaps there is a reflection of the white buffalo, Tatanka, messenger and sign of blessing.

I remember Michio Hoshino’s words that Nature sends messages all the time. How many messages do we receive? How many are we open to receiving?

                                                                                                                  ~ 2020 ~



Indigo Blue Collection

Indigo Blue whale / Indigo Blue Dolphin

                                                                                               H 19.3/4” x W 19.3/4”

Presently these two pieces of art, Indigo Blue Whale and Indigo Blue Dolphin, are the only items that I have done in colour for the 'Calling".

Japan is a nation made up of islands. Its life is profoundly affected by that reality. Indigo, to me, is a colour of the sea. The dye I used was purchased from Japan. The dying of fabric I did in my back yard.

The whale and the dolphin are both animals that have always intrigued me. The whale and dolphin species both possess the gift of eco-location and they use complicated patterns of communication or language. Their sounds, experienced firsthand or through recordings, have a healing effect upon our hearts and souls. Within their species they live in harmony within families or larger groupings.                                                                                                                                                     ~2020 ~

Hoar​ Fr​ost​

w30.5" x H40.5”

I opened the curtains in the morning. The world was a wonder​land​ of northern ​prairie hoar frost sparkling in the sun.​ I h​ad seen hoar frost before but on this particular​ day​ everything was still, a moment like no other. The world was white, brilliant with whiteness, silent with wonder.

I wanted others to see what I saw – the wonder of the frost and the glistening.

I hear a winter bird, a chickadee singing a joyful and inviting song which I wanted all to hear. I felt the warmth of belonging, of home, and amazing serenity, wholeness of heart and mind, which I wanted all to experience.​

~ 2019 ~


w39" x h51"

Thanks for stopping by my quilt, "Breathing". Please take a few deep breaths and take a clean, positive energy from a green forest or expansive tree park.

Breathe that into your body.

From you that positive energy spreads around you.

If this quilt helps your day,that will be great!

Thank You!!!!



w 44" x h 44"

We belong to many kinds of circles in our lives. I belong to a quilt circle that i enjoy very much. i made this quilt in appreciation of the quilt circle , life circle , my family circle , my town and community circles and many others . i use pieces of my family tartan and my town's unique tartan in the binding of the quilt . the biggest circle represents

the very large solar system design.


Zen Garden

 A green Wabi-Sabi moss forest world is surrounded by pebble sea. The viewer looks out upon a border-less garden which the self enters. In meditation one enters a harmony, a beauty of simplicity and experiences a peaceful world connecting nature, other people and hall of life. 


In the SK Arts permanent Collection                   

Family Sanctuary

 I love the arctic wolf. The quilt represents the actual size of this large endangered animal. The den is sacred space, sanctuary, that honours and protects family. The snow background has pristine beauty but also speaks of harsh weather and challenges to survival.

The circular den is family space. Fierce love unites family. The emblem carries family initial and denotes four children. 


Round Window

Traditional Japanese architecture often features a round window. It speaks of beauty in each season, beauty for each to see for themselves, without limiting frame. I want people to see in the quilted window whatever is there – of themselves and their world. The wine-red fabric, from the obijime (sash) of one of my mother’s kimonos, bridges east and west. Red and white are the colours of the Canadian and Japanese flags. The waves allow viewers to see what creates harmony, simplicity, tranquility, peace allowing interflow between persons and cultures. This Wabi-Sabi taste flows in the white stitching on white fabric. 


Long Horned Beetle

W49. 1/2" x H 72. 1/2"

Growing up in Japan, my brothers and I would go hunting for long-horned beetles. They are spotted and shiny with white, black, blue and green spots. When caught they make a squealing noise like laughter. In this happy memory I wanted to capture the fun of quilting and of artistic inspiration. Learning from my mother the amazing shapes and colours of insects taught me to see detail and to delight in detail. I see. I laugh. I bring this into my technique and design. 



              Tree Bark 

The tree’s weathered, wrinkled bark speaks of perseverance. It protects the heart of the tree and growth rings measuring the good years and hard years of life. Voiceless, the tree proclaims, “Like your ancestors, I am here”. I want to hug the tree, communicate with its life-force, its soul. 





When the land mass was one body symbol of unity 

                                                                                          W40” x H50”

Scientists tell us that millions of years ago all the land was one. Continental drift created separate continents, but the continents will shift until they are reunited. Humanity is one, but many things separate and divide us. The re-uniting of people must happen faster than the reuniting of the continents. The top and bottom of my quilt warn of the dangers of climate change. Caring for the earth and for the unity of people must happen at the same time. They are not two stories, but one. Change must happen in our hearts, our minds, our actions.                                                                                                                               ~2018~

Snow Drift



Sparkling Diamond

Some know they have within a sparkling diamond, a uniqueness, a precious quality of being. Others need to find a way, some help, to see the diamond quality within. The diamond must be polished to shine its best. May the viewer see themselves in this celebration of great worth – and find freedom to allow others to see that which has perhaps been hidden away. May each find courage to open their heart . May they know the gift they are and the gifts, the rays of diamond reflection, they can offer those around them.                                                                                           ~2017~

No Borders

Geese fly freely. We see them fly so free and majestic. ​They have no borders. They fly together – everywhere and in all directions. They claim no territory. Humans could learn from the birds. We can fly – know freedom of soul. The wavy lines represent clouds and seas – the geese see the big picture –earth as unity and place where unity is possible. The movement is towards peace and well-being, away from conflict and boundaries that define and separate.



Hanna Yokozawa Farquharson Textile Art / Pendulum Master HANNA

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